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I love tomorrow.

The day started out better than I expected when I saw the (almost) 5 pound weight loss since Sunday. It was exactly what I needed to jump start my motivation once again. I was afraid that I would never quite get back my strong desire to keep losing weight and giving my all to this journey, but after the last couple of days, I am more confident than ever that I WILL get to my goal and change my life for good.

With a renewed pep in my step, I got ready for work and made my one-egg and toast breakfast with lightly-creamed coffee. I packed a banana, granola bar and small piece of chocolate in my bag for snack later. I must have brought some of Florida back with me because it got up to 74 degrees today so I went for a walk to get a protein shake and tea for lunch. Supper was light and easy too. My husband made chicken fajita wraps with low-carb tortillas, pre-cooked chicken, frozen peppers, fajita mix, light sour cream and shredded cheese. (We make them fairly often, since they take very little time to prepare and we are often short on time.)

I was able to get lots of exercise today too. Besides my walk over lunch, I went to a dance class after work where I burned over 450 calories and then I walked at the gym for 50 minutes while my daughter was at her dance class. My body was a little sore when I got home but it didn’t bother me while I enjoyed a fudge bar smothered in light Cool Whip! (The reward for all of that working out is immediate: eating a sweet treat with zero guilt. Ain’t life grand!)

Another reason to dive right back into this journey is to keep me distracted from the polarizing political and pandemic news stories. I have no control over the results of this election and most certainly, no way to stop this virus and heal our community. All I can do is vote, which I did by absentee ballot, and practice good hygiene by wearing a mask, washing my hands often and social distancing from people in public. So at the end of each day, instead of worrying about the unknown and what “might happen”, I get to look back at my accomplishments, write them down, and then look forward to another successful day tomorrow.

Annie had it right when she sang about tomorrow. “Just thinking about” it reminds me that you can “bet your bottom dollar” that the sun will come out. Even if there are clouds, the sun is behind them, giving plenty of light to our darkness. It may take another day or two but even those clouds will clear away. The same holds true for our political and economic future. The balance of power always toggles between the two parties, allowing for all voices to be heard. The new virus will eventually be just another bug that we need to protect against and hopefully there will be an effective vaccine to slow the spread every year.

My own personal “tomorrows” are much more exciting, though. It was only 4 months ago that I began this new lifestyle and each new day has brought so many wonderful changes and surprises. If I had to rank them, it would go in this order: feeling better (both mentally and physically), fitting into smaller clothes, sleeping more soundly, having more energy, wearing my wedding ring, feeling comfortable in airplane seats, increased confidence and pride for my success and LASTLY - seeing smaller numbers on the scale. Each day brings new and different rewards, too. Like I said, it’s so exciting to think about tomorrow and the new changes I WILL see!

So the next chapter in my story begins. I will be home for the rest of November – ending with a ThanksMas celebration with family at our house. Until then, I plan to continue making all of the same smart choices that got me to this point. With a little luck and a LOT of hard work, I should arrive at One-derland before then. Now THAT is a reason to keep “thinking about tomorrow!” Sing it Annie, “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I LOVE ‘YA tomorrow. You’re only a day away!”

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