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What have I done?

I did not sleep well last night because I decided to post a direct link to my blog on Facebook, for the first time. A photo of me was included, which made the post stand out even more. At first, it seemed like no big deal, since I have been writing in my journal for over 100 days now, but that was the first time I invited others to read my journal entries. I opened my heart and bared my soul with my words. Once I hit “POST,” there was no going back.

So I tossed and turned all night, wondering what people were thinking about me and my dream of losing weight. (I was also hoping that I did not say anything offensive or something that should have been kept private.) When I finally got out of bed and showered, I received my first text from a friend, giving me encouragement. I told her that I felt like I just went streaking and now had to go back out in public! For a private person, it was a harrowing feeling! But she reminded me that my public announcement will be a great source of accountability, which was part of the plan all along.

That post was exactly what I needed to take this weight loss strategy to the next level. Those extra bites of food or forgetful moments when I don’t track something I have eaten, need to stop now. People are watching. There will be no more sitting in the car, playing on my phone when I am waiting for my daughter while she is at dance, when I could be walking around the track at the Y and adding exercise calories to my food diary. But most important of all, there can be no more days when I get lazy and decide not to care for an evening. It’s going to take some extra planning and a lot of focus for me to stand up to temptation when I am at my most vulnerable, which is on the weekends, when I want to relax and enjoy life, but the payoff will be enormous.

It seems like today should be day one of this new philosophy, but really its day 101 since I began this journey so following the plan is as easy as riding a bike. For breakfast, I ate my new favorite one egg and toast meal with lightly creamed coffee on the side. After I got to work, I was offered free coffee, which sounded wonderful, but I made sure to order sugar-free, with no whipped cream. I had a salad for lunch with a fresh pair from a tree in our yard, followed by a chocolate chunk granola bar. When I got home, I fried some ground beef and onions and added taco seasoning and served it with taco shells, shredded cheese, light sour cream, lettuce and hot sauce. After a nice long walk, I enjoyed a cookies and cream frozen yogurt bar.

My total caloric intake for the day was over 2,000 but it worked because I added over 950 calories by exercising for more than 2 hours today. I took a strength training class at lunch and then I walked for 4 miles after work. I said it before and I’ll say it again – working out more has been the key to my success. Tracking my food is a close second, but when I do not get enough exercise, I go over on my calories for the day, whether I track or not. I will never be someone that just eats lettuce and rice cakes. I want actual food that tastes good! Now that I know I can have it, as long as I get my workouts in, I have renewed hope and belief that I will lose this weight and even keep it off!

As for the public reaction today to my blog, it was very uplifting and supportive. People commented on social media, but no one outside of close friends and family said anything to me at work or at the gym, which is mostly a good thing. Because I don’t care what anyone else thinks of my writing style, food choices, workout routines or general opinions about life. This little project is all MINE!

I will continue to write in my journal every day, as if nothing has changed. It keeps me on track and seems to help relieve my stress. Plus, it gives me strength when I see how much weight I have lost and re-read some of the more positive changes I have experienced. It’s all right here, in black and white. I HAVE LOST 31 POUNDS! Plus, I am still going strong after 101 days! There is no stopping me.

Everyone will just have to get used to my brutal honesty and fearless blog posts. Maybe streakers get a bad rap. What courage they must have! Imagine the amount of self-confidence they must feel! If they did it for a reward, maybe it was worth it. My reward will take some time, but by “exposing” myself, I increased my chances of getting that reward even sooner. Look out world – and get your cameras ready – because you will be shocked by what you see after I get through changing my life for good.

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Lori Leutz
Lori Leutz

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