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Whose idea was this anyway?

When normal, sane, middle-aged people are sleeping snuggly in their bed, crazy people with big dreams are getting up at 4:45am in the morning to work-out with the healthy, energetic 20-somethings of the world. Yep! That was me today. Maybe in a few months I will say that I kicked their little firm butts, but today, at least I kept up with them.

You know it’s a tough work-out when the young, fit instructor is sweating as much as you are! I’m not sure how any of us had that much energy this morning. Even the fitness app on my Apple Watch told me that I broke a record for the most calories burned using the High Intensity activity setting, so I must have done something right. We did squat jumps, burpees, push-ups, planks, lunges – pretty much all of my least favorite strength training exercises – along with a few not-so-bad ones like chest flies, overhead presses and leg lifts. No matter how you paint it, it was an hour of HELL. I’ll probably sign up again next week.

After class, I had to shower, change and get ready for work in the women’s locker room. It wasn’t too bad, though, since the showers are bigger and the curtains are big enough to block the door. I changed in a big open area but I was all by myself so it didn’t bother me. In fact, I was alone except for the last 10 minutes of blow-drying my hair so not as bad as I was expecting. I finished getting ready by 7:15am so I actually got to work by 7:30am, which was good since I was planning to leave early at the end of the day so I could watch my daughter’s last volleyball game of the season.

Since I had very little time for breakfast before class, I just made 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter and one cup of coffee with light creamer. Then when I got to work, I ate a banana and a little blueberry scone, of sorts, worth about 60 calories. I also made a Mocha K-cup worth another 60 calories. The reason I prioritized exercise and ate a light breakfast was because I had ordered an 8” ham and cheese sub from our local cafeteria, to be delivered to my office at lunch. It was a fundraiser for the United Way. It was delicious but high in calories so I had to make sure I had enough calories available.

After my daughter’s volleyball game, I did another crazy-person activity and bundled up to go for a walk in 45 degree temperatures, with a 30 degree wind chill. I began the walk with lots of energy and really enjoyed the fresh, crisp air flowing through my respiratory system. At first, the weather did not seem to be a factor, but then I rounded a corner and began pushing head-first into the 20 mile-an-hour wind. I must have looked a fright to passers-by. I was wearing gloves, a scarf and a headband that covered my ears. My eyes were watering and my nose was dripping uncontrollably.

I was missing my walking partner desperately because our talks are the perfect distraction from thinking about how cold and miserable we are. The music in my ears helped, but I only lasted about 41 minutes, rather than my usual 53 minutes. It was worth the discomfort, though, since I needed a few more calories in order to get through supper with my family.

My sweet husband brought home General Tso’s Chicken and made instant white rice on the side. It’s one of my favorite meals. I ended the meal with a 110 calorie fudge bar and a home-made peanut-butter brownie. (The second part was not planned but I guess I could not resist.) I had to do a fair amount of estimating with my calories today so I should just expect the worse and then I will not be disappointed tomorrow. (Oooo – I should probably check my attitude.)

I know what you are thinking. I worked out like a crazy person TWICE today and in one fell-swoop, I undermined my own progress with a stupid brownie. (Ok, it may have been two, but get off my back already, huh?) I know, I know. At least they are gone and out of my house now. I won’t make the same mistake again. I need to get treats out of sight!

Today marked the 10th day of weighing about the same – 209 pounds, so I need to get past that somehow. I know the answer but it’s the hardest thing for me to limit. I need to get stricter with my food choices and portion sizes. Can you tell how much food has a hold of me? I would rather get up at 4:45am and go through an hour of HELL, and then walk through freezing temperatures with snot running down my face, than simply eat less throughout the day. Ok, secretly, those work-outs are huge stress relievers and motivators, but I am not “happy” while I am doing them. The amazing feeling of accomplishment afterward makes it all worth it, though. So until I can figure out a lighter menu, are there any other crazy people out there, ready to join me?

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