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You & I need to have a talk

You have NO IDEA how much POWER you have! I’m talking about knock-your-socks-off, shut the front door, life-changing power that is just sitting there.


Waiting to be unleashed!

I don’t care if you believe me or not. I KNOW it is there. I am living proof.

There is a commercial on cable right now that has a tag line stating, “If you can see her, you can BE her.” That’s exactly what I am trying to explain. There is nothing stopping you from living “your best life”, as Oprah calls it. You just have to figure out how to tap in to that potential.

Popeye the Sailor Man comes to mind. I wonder how long it took him to discover that a can of spinach was all it took and he would gain the strength of 100 men for a little while.

Spinach will never be my catalyst, but loud music and hard cardio movement give me the same adrenaline rush that Mr. Popeye probably feels. I crave my work-outs like you wouldn’t believe. I look forward to seeing my friends and completely losing myself in the music.

The life-changing results I am working toward happen to be weight, health and fitness related, but the power inside all of us is much broader. Maybe you have always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, start your own business, live in a different state, try a different career, have more children, write a book, become an artist, learn how to snow-board, the list goes on and on!

What is stopping you?

Every time I hear another tragic story about a 40-something year-old that died from a terrible accident or disease, I am reminded that life is so damn short. What dreams did that person not get to live out? I wonder if they look down on us and think, “How DARE them for NOT fighting like HELL to live an AWESOME life!”

My friend that died in a motorcycle accident last August comes to mind. His widow and I will always remember how badly he wanted a new camper. They were making plans to get a new one the following year, but as it turns out, it was too late. (Our friend Jeff would not be mad at us, though. He was the most laid-back, fun-loving guy. He couldn’t hold a grudge over anyone. We still miss him dearly.) But the “life is short” lesson I keep having to learn is fueling a fire within me that won’t stop!

So the main question for you is – What do you want? What are you passionate about? Are you in an unhappy place and unsure what to do about it? Is there something you do that people say, “Wow, you are really good at that,” or do you look at other people’s lives and wish you could do what they are doing? I am here (and living proof) to tell you that


How do I know? Because ALL KINDS of people have, are, and WILL do those things! It’s not going to happen overnight. I am on day 276 of exercising more, eating foods with less calories (not less food) and tracking my progress. (There were many days when I only did 1 or 2 of those 3 things, but if anything, it only insured that I did not burn out, because the results have been phenomenal – and life-changing!)

OK, Status Report:

The lowest weight I have seen thus far is 197.6, which is about 44 pounds less then where I started last June. I had a birthday on March 23 and I continue to take days off on the weekends, which stagnates my weight loss. Easter weekend is coming up, so I’m hoping to weigh-in at a new low on Friday morning before I leave town for an over-night stay away from home. On Monday morning, I will buckle down again and see if I can’t break into the lower 190s before the end of April.

My goal of weighing less than my husband is coming closer. He finally admitted that he weighs about 178 pounds. That means I have about 20 pounds to go, which will take me a while - but I am on NO ONE's time table. (He is 6 inches taller than me and works in the service industry, but has always been a skinny guy. Some people have all the luck.)

You should also know that I am back to being a taxi driver for my youngest daughter, since her activities have restarted now that Covid levels have dropped. I am back to being a busy Girl Scout leader as well. It’s who I am. I want to be everyone’s biggest supporter and cheerleader. I was even in the news recently when I surprised one of my Girl Scouts with the news that she was selected to get free braces through a program called Hunter's Smile. I had nominated her based on her service to others, joy for life and her continued strength and courage to overcome her own adversity. It was a very touching story. (I am trying to explain why I haven’t written in this blog for a few weeks!)

As for my activity level, I have more energy, endurance and strength than ever before. I can do a 1-hour step or dance class that leaves me drenched and then lift weights for 20-30 minutes and walk for another 30 minutes without batting an eye. I used to take breaks during the lunge tracks or just do smaller movements but now I am the one in the front row that never seems to be out of breath and doesn’t struggle to finish a set. I NEVER IMAGINED IT WAS POSSIBLE.

My clothing size keeps dropping and now size 12 is only about an inch away. I recently returned some size 14 clothes because they were too big! My rings are falling off and it’s to the point that I need to stop wearing them because I lost one at a restaurant and I almost lost a second one when I was doing laundry. (Not my wedding or mother’s ring, thank heaven!)

Another clothing item that I bought recently was a pair of SHORTY shorts. ME? In Daisy-Duke shorty-shorts? Impossible. Could it be? We are still 2 months away from summer. I am so excited at the prospect of wearing all new (and much smaller) clothing during that very revealing time of year. Again, an experience I have never had before.

But this journey is SO MUCH MORE! I don’t think I have ever been this content with life. It takes a lot for me to be rattled. If anything, I am an even brighter (and more sparkly) light than I have ever been before. I wake up each morning with renewed vigor and enthusiasm to see what the day will bring. Why live life any other way??

All I can think about is that everyone should feel the way I do. I want to share these good vibes with everyone around me. More importantly, I want to help you figure out how to create your own good vibes!

First, figure out what inspires you. What is your spinach? If it’s not loud music and exercise like me, maybe it’s a good book, movie, friends, pets, nature, adrenaline rushes like sky diving or snowmobiling. What were you doing when you completely lost track of time and thought, “This is the life”? Or maybe it’s the haters that keep putting you down and underestimating you and its high time you prove them wrong!

Now grab onto that feeling and apply it to your dreams and goals. That is the overall idea, but it needs to be broken down into bite-size (pun intended) amounts. What is the first step in your journey? Well, write down your biggest wish. Heck, start a post on my Forum page. I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YOU! Let me tell you, the accountability factor is immeasurable!

Then take the first step toward that goal. Start doing some research. Outline a plan. Talk to someone in the business. Search for houses in that state. Look for jobs in your desired field. Sign up for some classes at a local college. Whatever it is, make it tangible. But remember to keep re-fueling by consuming your personalized “spinach.” You will need to keep going back to the source or you will eventually burn out. Your mind needs the energy and stimulation just as much as your body needs food to live.

I have another question for you. What would you do for a friend or loved one that needed your help? Do you often drop everything to be by their side? When they are unhappy, do you immediately want to make their day better? Now apply the same protective instinct to YOURSELF! Be the best friend you never knew you had. Pretend like you are dying (because you are) and make better decisions every day that will lead you to reach your goals faster!

Just remember, this power you have will literally change your life and shock plenty of people, but NOT me. I will not be surprised in the least. I don’t care how many times you tried before or how long it has been since you dreamed this dream. Most of all, I don’t care if you believe it or not. I believe enough for the both of us. I KNOW you can do it!

Imagine I am standing right in front of you, with my hands on each of your shoulders, gripping them tightly, looking you squarely in the eyes and saying ...

Listen to me. You are amazing! There is NO ONE exactly like you. You are unique, special, talented, and you KNOW what you want. I am here to tell you:


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Rhea! you are amazing and an inspiration. Thank you for being you and for putting your journey out there!

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